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WordPress Fix Permalinks After Migration

Installing or migrating a fresh copy of Wordpress and clicking on that newly created navigation link then seeing a page a big 404 not found error can be infuriating! These type of errors are some of most commonly experienced while using Wordpress. Sometimes we need to go ahead and make Wordpress fix permalinks after migration or install. What You Need In order to diagnose the issue we need to know the following information: What operating system and server is your web host running on? The operating system we use for our servers is Windows Server 2016 which runs IIS 10 however most Wordpress servers are ran in some flavor of Linux with Apache. What type of error are you getting? Most likely you will be seeing a "Page Not Found" or 404 status error. This will usually occur after first setting up a new site or migrating an old one then clicking on your first internal link (like the navigation menu). The first question can be answered by either asking your web host. Most Wordpress websites are ran under some flavor of Linux using the Apache web server. However, this isn't always the case. It is best to ask your webhost if this is unknown. The second question will ensure that this article is the correct place for you to be in order to solve your error. If your error does not say "Page Not Found" but instead says "Server Error" this is not the article for you. Feel free to Google further. I have a 404 error, wonderful! I don't have time to waste. Is there anything I can try first as a quick fix? Wordpress permalinks panel Yes, do the following steps if you are having trouble with permalinks. These steps are designed to work

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