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Should you hire a web developer and designer separately?

It is near the end of 2017 and the process of building an effective website is no longer just throwing up some Wordpress, buying a domain, and hitting publish. Creating a website that not only looks great but also is effective at generating traffic is crucial. Both positions, designer & developer, need to work together and communicate effectively in order to achieve both of these goals.So the question is.. Should you hire a web developer and designer separately? The purpose of a website determines whether you should hire a web developer and designer separately or together. The subjective nature of visual artwork and interface design can be make this a challenge for project owners as well. We'll go over specific things that a designer and developer should be asking each other and more. Purposes Change the Answer An art studio that needs a website would definetely require a separate designer because art studios value visual aesthetics. In that case, knowing if a separate designer is required would be obvious. However, most business websites are not going to fall within this category but rather within a balance of design and development needs. A dedicated designer is necessary when the aim of a website is to be heavily aesthetic or visual arts based. Websites for photography studios are going to contain much more arts focus compared to something like an attorney's office or construction company website. Similarly, a project that incorporates special features such as live video conferencing, special custom interfaces, or entire web applications will need at least one dedicated developer. At least one developer is usually required for any project unless your designer is also part developer. Subjective or Objective Goals Change the Plan As a designer works with visual aesthetics, the task of determining whether a task is complete

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