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Tempesta Web Engineering is a full stack web development, website design, and managed hosting company in Trumbull County, Ohio. My name is Josh Tempesta and I am no corporation; I am your human web expert authority in the area. For over 10 years I have been delving deep into the code, helping business owners create stunning websites and applications while communicating about it in plain English.

All my life I’ve wanted to run a business doing what I love and doing the right thing at all times. This is why I do not charge a downpayment for my work. I do a good job and only want paid when the job is done and 100% satisfaction by my valued customers. Read more to find out why it’s important to have a web expert at your side.

What I Do Best

Create & Maintain Websites

Tempesta Web Engineering, LLC. helps businesses take the guesswork out of developing a quality website which is an all encompassing term for web design, marketing, maintenance and a whole lot of creativity. Anyone can have a great looking website but being effective is just as important:

  • Web Design, Development, and IT Support – Let us deal with all the technical aspects of creating a website, hosting it, and performing maintenance and security updates.
  • Organic Content and Digital Marketing – Anyone can publish a website these days, but few will know how to get traffic and customers to it. Allow us to show you real results by driving customers to your app or website.
  • Fix Your Hacked Website – If you have a disaster of a site on your hands contact me today. I will analyze your current site, clean it out, and get it back to its original splendor.

Developing Web Applications

For over 10 years I have been working as a full stack web developer including both Linux and Microsoft technologies, PHP and .Net respectively. This means that I have been around the block when it comes to development! I steer my customers clear of technical debt and potential software pitfalls by serving the following:

  • Web Apps for Business – With years developing in .Net and Microsoft technologies I am sure to be a fit for your next development project. I’ll help plan, develop, and QA test your future app.
  • Custom WordPress Plugins – Is there something your current website just isn’t accomplishing? Is there a custom report that you don’t have? A 3rd party system that needs integrated? Look no further I can help and create something from scratch.
  • DevOps & Infrastructure Support – Code isn’t just wrote, sent to the customer, and forgotten about. I will setup the server it runs on, maintain it, and make sure your app is always running at its best.

Fully Managed Web Hosting
(by a real Human)

Have an existing website that is hosted by a monkey or is too expensive? Let me help you move, my Managed Hosting is a 100% turnkey service. I’ll guide you through the entire website creation process and untangle the jungle out there:

  • Migration Services & Existing Site Solution Expert: Our expert devs will analyze your existing site to see how your infrastructure is currently setup.
  • Full Service Managed Hosting Provider: We hook up your DNS, email, FTP, database, wordpress configuration, themes, plugins, update, security, updates, plugin tech support, and so much more!
  • Professional and Trusted Development: I have been developing in multiple web frameworks in both .Net and PHP for over a decade. It is with this experience I want to help your business grow in technology.

Existing Site/App Support

Allow me to take the guesswork out of figuring out your existing web and server infrastructure. Code analysis and existing website support is my speciality.

  • Free Consultation – Let me know what you already have, what you are looking to achieve, and we’ll come together with a plan to address your web needs. Often times these meetings answer questions that my customers couldn’t be sure of. Even if we aren’t a perfect fit I try to help your business in anyway possible.
  • Code Analysis Experts – Do you have an existing app but do not know development yourself? Did your developer leave you in the middle of a project? Look no further. Analyzing existing web applications and recommending solutions is my speciality.  Allow me to straighten out and complete the tangles in your app today.
  • Documentation Guru – Great work is always put into planning the project, coding the project, and delivering the project. However, that doesn’t mean the work is truly complete. Without good and complete technical documentation a software project can be lost if it changes hands in the future. This doesn’t happen when you work with me, I make sure you get an owner’s manual to any software I write.

What this Means for You & Your Business

Photo of Josh Tempesta

Josh Tempesta, Owner

With these powers combined I can help your organization fulfill its goals on the web! This means less time delegating tasks, less time dealing with technology, and more time doing what you do best: your business. This is possible with my level of experience and communicating with business owners like you!

I specialize working with 3rd party systems, code analysis, bug fixing, new features, and optimization.
Having experience in both Windows and Linux operating system and development environments I strive to learn something new each day.

“How can I make your business’ web development run at Storm Speed™?”


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